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Up-cycled, tough-wearing, unisex, handmade children's basics, designed locally and ethically with a fundamentally social conscience.

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Nudnik's 100% upcycled baby clothes are manufactured without the use of water, oil or harsh chemicals! SHOP NOW! 

  • We think you are doing great things for the environment!
    — Gabriel Macht, Actor and Activist
  • You have all my respect and admiration for your elevated work!
    — Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Canada's First Lady
  • Nudnik is Taking excess material from adult clothing manufacturers destined for landfill and upcycling them to create amazing children's clothes.
    — Ben Zifkin, Founder and CEO of Hubba, and author of Amazon best seller "The Rise of the Craft Brand"
  • Nudnik is hands-down the coolest.
    — Holly Bowman,

The spirit of Nudnik is to approach every situation with curiosity, compassion, and a commitment to always envision a better way. Our clothing collection (3months-3years) consists of a year-round line of quality pieces that range from contemporary colour-blocking to silk-screened prints created by local artists.  Each piece is lovingly designed, cut, screened and sewn by hand in Toronto with 100% up-cycled, hand-washed fabrics, to ensure durability and celebrate Mother Earth.