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Up-cycled, tough-wearing, unisex, handmade children's basics, designed locally and ethically with a fundamentally social conscience.


Our Process

Nudnik's 100% upcycled baby clothes are manufactured without the use of water, oil or harsh chemicals! CHECK OUT HOW WE MAKE OUR CLOTHES!

It takes 2700L of water to make one fast-fashion tshirt, which is more water than the average Canadian drinks in two years!
— Alexandra, Chief Explorer & Creator, Nudnik

Setting our sites far beyond sustainable, Nudnik reinvents potential, challenging the atrocious waste of the fashion industry, infusing our durable modern basics with ingenuity and adventure, while up-cycling fabrics otherwise destined for a landfill.  

Our unisex goods are cut & sewn in Toronto, pre-washed, hand silk-screened and inspected with care.